In this ever-changing world we all aim to make the best out of our lives. Life has never moved faster, and every day we are introduced to something new. Seeking the best for my life I aim to learn something every day. Recently I learned about software quality assurance through a friend of mine, and I couldn’t but compare it to life quality assurance. In this blog post, I will compare both of these, seemingly different, but very similar actions.

Planning Ahead  

What is the plan? Better yet, what is your lifetime plan? These are questions I ask myself a lot, and I bet many of you do. Planning ahead is extremely beneficial in life because it provides us with a clear vision of the advantages and disadvantages of what we want to do in the future. It is always better to be prepared than not. Similarly, software Quality Assurance exists to facilitate planning ahead for the software service owner. It is about having full control over the service, and ensuring that once it arrives to the end-user it operates seamlessly. Without it, the software company does not have a clear plan, nor a vision to avoid any possible issues within their software service


Just like software, people have a certain standard. Whether to live by the rules of society or to be a complete rebel, both implicate a certain set of standards. These standards are part of our social and individual identity, and we try to apply them throughout our life to guarantee that the life we choose is of a certain quality. With software quality assurance, certain internationally recognized standards are applied throughout the software testing process as to guarantee that the software service has suitable security, usability and performance capabilities.  

Trial and Error

Humans tend to be very good at learning from their mistakes. We also tend to try again and again – sometimes we fail, and at other times, we succeed – Software Quality Assurance involves a very similar process in which the software tester assesses the software service in order to insure it is operating effectively. Software testers try, and then they assess, and finally report errors that need to be fixed. The overall process results in needed progress for the software company. Just like humans develop and grow, so does software with the help of talented software quality assurance engineers.

As you can see, life quality assurance is not much different from software quality assurance. All we need is to look a bit deeper. I hope software quality assurance makes more sense for you now.

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